HTB-3000T-AZ Automatic Brinell hardness tester

HTB-3000T-AZ Automatic Brinell hardness tester
HTB-3000T-AZ Automatic Brinell hardness tester
HTB-3000T-AZ Automatic Brinell hardness tester

Product introduction

Automatic closed-loop pressure control, automatic loading, automatic load;

Tester body designed in Italy, Ample sample space for large samples.

Wide force measurement range: from 62.5 to 3000 kgf, 10 brinell scales, can be customized;

Automatic turret, automatic loading and unloading, no need for auto focus after loading;

Z-axis automatic ascending and descending. After placing sample, push test button and the sample automatically ascends, after touching indenter, loading automatically starts, after unloading, turret automatically turns to sample location, z axis automatically focus and proceed testing.

Objective structured with digital encoder, calculate D1, D2 value, LCD directly displays hardness value and D1, D2 value.

Can calibrate according to standard block or length scale.

Test force can auto-correct using standard force meter.

Can convert to rockwell and vickers hardness value.

Touchscreen, easy operation, can input sample, name of testing personnel and other info.

Data can saved as excel format in u disc for easy editing and processing.

railway, energy, steel, aviation , roller plants, tube rolling mills, foundries.

Technical parameters



Brinell hardness scale

HBW2.5/62.5 HBW2.5/187.5 HBW5/62.5 HBW5/125 HBW5/250 HBW5/750 HBW10/100  HBW10/250  HBW10/500  HBW10/1000  HBW10/1500  HBW10/3000

Test force (Kgf)

62.5Kgf(612.9N) 100Kgf(980.7N) 125Kgf(1226N)

187.5Kgf(1839N) 250Kgf(2452N) 500Kgf(4903N) 750Kgf(7355N) 1000Kgf(9807N) 1500Kgf(14710N) 3000Kgf(29420N)

Carried standard

BSEN 6506, ISO 6506, ASTM E10, GB/T231

Accuracy of test force

62.5~250Kgf≤1%   500~3000Kgf≤0.5%

Measuring device resolution

0.1 um

Indenter and lens

Automatic replacement

Hardness range


Hardness resolution

0.1 HBW

Dwell time

0 ~ 99 s

Data output

LCD display

Data  store

The measured values are stored in EXCEL format on a usb flash disk

Maximum allowable specimen height

400 mm

Distance from indenter to wall

250 mm


700 * 340 * 970 mm


160 kg

Power supply

AC220± 5%, 50 ~ 60 hz


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