200KN /300KN Computer Control Electronic Universal Tensile Testing Machine

200KN /300KN Computer Control Electronic Universal Tensile Testing Machine
200KN /300KN Computer Control Electronic Universal Tensile Testing Machine
200KN /300KN Computer Control Electronic Universal Tensile Testing Machine

1. Application:

It is applicable for wide range of material for tension, compression, bending, shearing and low cycle test. Suitable for metal, rubber, plastic, spring, textile, and components testing. It is widely used in the corresponding industries, research and development, test institutes and training centers etc.

ASTM, ISO, DIN, GB and other international standards.

3.Main Technical Parameters:
Model WDW-200 WDW-300
Max. load 200kN 300kN
Structure Four-column floor model, (upper is tensile and lower is compression;
upper is compression and lower is tensile)
Control method Computer control
Load accuracy 1 class/0.5 class optional
Load range 2%~100%F·S/0.4%-100% FS optional
Resolution 1/300000
Measuring range of deformation 0.2%-100%
Accuracy Indication of deformation ≤±0.5%
Disp. indicating relative error ≤±1%
Displacement Resolution 0.04um
Adjusting range of control rate of load 0.005~5%FS/S
Control precision of control rate of load When rate < 0.05% FS/s, the precision is within ± 2% of setting value;
When rate ≥ 0.005%FS/s, the precision is within ± 1% of setting value
Adjustment scope of deformation rate 0.005-5%FN/S
Accuracy of deformation rate Test Speed<0.05%FN/s,within the ±2% of the preset value,
Test Speed≥0.05%FN/s,within the ±0.5% of the preset value
Adjusting range of displacement rate 0.05-200mm/min(can be customized)
Control precision of displacement rate When rate < 0.5mm/min, within ± 1% of setting value;
When rate ≥ 0.5mm/min, within ± 0.5% of setting value
Scope of the consistent load
deformation and displacement control
Accuracy of the consistent load
deformation and displacement control
Preset value≥10%FN, within the ±0.1% of preset value;
Preset value<10%FN, within the ±1% of preset value
Tensile space 550mm(can be customized)
Compression space 500mm (can be customized)
Test width 600mm(can be customized)
Load Cell Configuration One(max load), more load cells can be added according to customer requirement
Extend configuration Large deformation extensometer, high or low
temperature teste chamber, high temperature oven
Power supply AC220/380V±10%,50Hz (can be customized)
Grips Manual Grip/Hydraulic automatic Grip
Dimension 1000*650*2150mm
Weight 980kg

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