KSTT-15 Metal Wire Torsion Tester

KSTT-15 Metal Wire Torsion Tester
KSTT-15 Metal Wire Torsion Tester
KSTT-15 Metal Wire Torsion Tester


The metal wire torsion testing machine is suitable for measuring the ability of metal wire with adiameter (orcharacteristic size) of 0.1-6.0mm to withstand plastic deformation in one-way or two-way torsionandtodisplay the surface and internal defects of the wire. This machine is mainly used for the analysis of the mechanical properties of metal wires in themechanicslaboratories of colleges, universities, scientific research departments, and industrial and miningenterprises.It is also widely used for online inspection of production units; the main industries include high-speedsteel lines, prestressed steel wire plants, and quality Supervision, scientific research institutes, highwaytransportation, construction industry, steel wire ropes, wires and cables, copper and copper alloywiresforelectrified railways, copper contact wires and other production and use departments.

Technical parameter:

Loading method Auto load
Display method LCD screen display
metal wire diameter 0.1≤d(D)6.0
Space between two fixtures 500mm
Jaw clamping range 10-15mm
Clamping block hardness 55HRC
Torsion speed 306090120r/mincould be customized
Speed error <±5%
Minimum reading value of turns 0.1
Size (L * W * H) 1250×430×600mm
Net weight 140kg
Power AC 220V 50Hz
Noise 50 dBA


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