KSC-200C Vertical Flammability Testing Machine

KSC-200C  Vertical Flammability Testing Machine
KSC-200C  Vertical Flammability Testing Machine
KSC-200C  Vertical Flammability Testing Machine

1. Introduction

1.1 The intelligent vertical combustion tester is designed and manufactured according to the requirements of IEC60950-1, UL94, IEC60707, IEC60695-2-2, GB5169, ISO1210 and other standards. It is to measure the degree of damage of the sample as well as the linear burning rate and afterflame/afterglow time of the sample. Used to conduct horizontal and vertical flammability tests on rubber or plastic material parts of electrical equipment and appliances. The product box shell is spray-coated iron plate and equipped with a transparent observation window. The combustion, afterflame and afterburning time are integrated into the touch screen display. The device has beautiful appearance, easy use and reliable performance. Test products include: flame retardant performance tests on plastic parts on wires and cables, electrical appliances, and electrical products, engineering plastics, and rubber materials.

1.2 The intelligent type adopts touch screen (7-inch color screen) + PLC + special software control, and is equipped with electronic remote control operation.

1.3 Equipped with a gas cylinder base cabinet. The appearance style of the base cabinet is consistent with that of the main unit. The height of the base cabinet is about 500mm.

1.4 The burner can be electrically controlled to adjust its position, and can be positioned automatically at a certain time, making it easy to operate.

1.5 Equipped with a highly sensitive combustible gas leakage alarm device, which automatically alarms for gas leakage.

1.6 The combustion blowtorch can be moved up or down, and the distance between the blowtorch and the sample can be adjusted at will.

1.7 Equipped with a special exhaust system to automatically discharge waste gas.



-GBT 19519-2014 "Overhead line insulators. Suspension and tensile composite insulators for AC systems with nominal voltages above 1000V. Definitions, test methods and acceptance criteria"

-GB/T 22079-2008 "General definitions, test methods and acceptance criteria for indoor and outdoor polymer insulators for use at nominal voltages above 1000V"



1. Control method: Taiwan Weilun touch screen (7-inch color screen) + PLC;

2. Operation type: electronic remote control;

3. Bunsen burner lamp holder: diameter 9.5mm±0.5mm, length from the air inlet upwards is about 100mm;

4. Burner angle: 0~45° (manual adjustment, with scale);

5. Ignition bedding board: standard medical cotton;

6. Combustion gas: 98% methane standard gas or 37MJ/m3±1MJ/m3 natural gas or propane (self-prepared gas);

7. Gas flame temperature gradient: from 100℃±2℃ to 700℃±3℃, it takes 44s±2.0s or 54s±2.0s or according to the customized standard requirements (need to be verified with a temperature calibration device);

8. Temperature calibration verification device: imported instrument automatic control, equipped with φ5.5mm, 1.76±0.01g or φ9mm, 10.00±0.05g standard copper head (optional parts not recommended);

9. Thermocouple for temperature calibration verification: Ø0.5mm, K type, imported insulated high temperature resistant armored thermocouple (optional);

10. Test time and burning time: 1s999.9s (touch setting);

11. Number of repeated ignitions: 1 to 9999 times (touch screen setting);

12. Use automatic ignition device to facilitate automatic testing;

13. All products are equipped with gas leakage alarm devices as standard, which is safe and reliable.

14. Internal volume: 0.75m3

15. Overall dimensions: width 1330* depth 730mm* height 1500mm;

16. Box material: stainless steel shell;

17.Exhaust hole: Ø100mm;

18.Input power: AC220V 2kW



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