Horizontal tensile testing machine

1. Application:

It is application, for a variety of long, short sample test, especially for large, long length sample. Common test types such as: wire rope, chain, shackle ,cable, lifting belt, safety rope tensile test, lifting belt,power fittings etc tensile test.

The machine adopting computer control, hydraulic servo drive, hydraulic single-pole bidirectional cylinder loading, precision spoke load sensor signal measuring force value, high accuracy sensor measurement displacement.

Smooth loading, accurate measurement, rapid control response, can achieve load control and displacement (speed) control, a variety of curve form. Can choose (superposition or a single display), can easily and accurately achieve the load, displacement and other digital calibration and verification, with full load protection and position protection, test data can be accessed arbitrarily and can re-analyze data and curves, including local amplification and data re-editing, test methods can be programmed and stored or read, and print out the test reports and curves


2. Applied Standards:

ASTMA370, ASTME4, ASTME8, ASTME9, ISO6892, ISO7438, ISO7500-1, EN10002-4, GB/T228-2002, GB 16491-2008, HGT 3844-2008 QBT 11130-1991, GB13-22-1991, HGT 3849-2008,GB6349-1986, GB/T 1040.2-2006, ASTM C165, EN826, EN1606, EN1607, EN12430 etc.

Horizontal tensile testing machine


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