Kason Electro-hydraulic Servo Fatigue Testing Machine

Kason Computer Control Electro-hydraulic Servo Fatigue Testing Machine is ainly used to detect avarietyofmetals, non-metallic materials and small movable member, the static mechanical properties test. It candotensile,compression, bending, low cycle and high cycle fatigue, crack growth, fracture mechanics test under sine, triangle,square wave, trapezoidal wave, random wave, combination waveform. This Test machine is flexible, moving beam down, locking the sample holder by button operations, theuseof advanced hydraulic servo drive technology loaded, high precision and high resolution dynamic loadsensor magnetostrictive displacement sensor specimens force values and displacement. Fully digital measurement and control system implementation force, displacement, deformation closedloopcontrol,test software under WINDOWS Chinese working environment, powerful data processing capabilities, test conditions and test results are automatically saved, displayed and printed. Fully integrated into thecomputer-controlled test procedure, the test machine is a research institutes, metallurgy building, defenseindustry,universities, machinery manufacturing, transportation and other industries ideal cost-effective test systems.Kason Electro-hydraulic Servo Fatigue Testing MachineKason Electro-hydraulic Servo Fatigue Testing MachineWhatsapp: +86 17860598665
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